Let your heart be filled with beauty

Many days I wish I was more adventurous. The truth is, traveling still gives me a bit of anxiety. But I'm starting to understand that travel is necessary to live a more fulfilled, open-hearted life. I've already spent 20+ years living my life in fear- I've been afraid of the what's going to happen tomorrow, afraid of other what other people may think of me, afraid of the dentist and afraid of opening up to others. 

When my hard-working cousin won a trip to San Carlos, Mexico early this year, and I was invited, I couldn't say no. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to spend a few days with my favorite people and let my heart be filled with so much beauty. 

This, is what my eyes saw. 

We got there around noon, and the first place we went to was El Malecón, where we were able to get some coconuts to refresh and get ready for some beach time. You probably can't tell, but by the time we took these pictures, my sweat had already amounted to about a gallon. 

After our beach time, not pictured here because I left my camera in the car, we got to our beautiful hotel, which is located in the Marina San Carlos area.  All the boats, and the lovely combination of white, sea blue and bright bougainvilleas make the scenery especially picturesque. Our hotel, Marinaterra San Carlos, has a private beach where people can do some kayaking and watch the sunset. Swimming is practically impossible here because the water is ridden with aguamalas (jellyfish).  

Later that afternoon, we drove to Guaymas, which is only about 20 minutes away from where we stayed. We ate (inhaled) some delicious tacos there, and went to el Malecón for some people watching. I loved the beauty and simplicity of the night life there. There were children making some beautiful art, families walking around eating some churros, and couples enjoying the night view.  

The next day, my cousin and I woke at 5:30am to go explore some neighborhoods. Judging by my images, it was incredibly worth it. The architecture, the cobblestone streets, and lively pops of color infected me with the travel bug. I want to see the beauty that humans have created, and how their imagination has affected our every day lives. 

The last part of our trip included some more beach time, but this time, I did have my camera in hand. I was absolutely smitten by the blue and teal palette and the smell of the salty air; not so much by the humidity. We then drove about 20 minutes to el Cañon de Nacapule, which is a canyon where people can do rappel, zip-line and admire the wildlife of the mountainous area. San Carlos is unique in the sense that sea, mountains and desert come together to give it its vibrant and colorful personality. 

I'm ready for my next travel adventure. Who's with me?!