A little update

It’s been a little quiet over here because I needed some time for reflection to reorganize my life. For months, I collected piles of unchecked mail, digestive issues and emotional junk. And I needed some time to gather myself and, as my boyfriends calls it “redirect the ship.”

Things got really busy last year, the good kind of busy. I started working on photography projects that felt more like the work I wanted to be doing. I got to collaborate with The Proper Blog on a shoot for Target, I photographed for Tenwest, and I also shot holiday images for Vamos a Tucson, among other wonderful people that I had the honor of photographing.


I was working two jobs, my photography was picking up, and I was trying to cultivate a new relationship. The last thing I thought about was what I was feeding myself. I spent more time at the drive through than I’d like to admit, and other than walking from my car to my door, I wasn’t very active physically. 

Health-wise, my digestive issues were driving me off the walls. Things got especially hard around my father’s passing anniversary at the beginning of this year. Digestive issues run in my family. I knew something had to change. 

Thought about from a different perspective, digestive issues represent poor processing on an emotional level. I will admit that I am not the best when it comes to communicating my emotions, what bothers me, and I tend to take on more, emotionally, than I can handle. But my body is tired of putting in too much and getting out too little. So this year, I am committed to making a change in my eating habits and my emotional processing. 



Professionally,  I left my position as a Spanish instructor at my beloved middle school, because I needed more time to work on my personal projects. This year, I want to do more photography that aligns with my core beliefs.I want to help more small businesses and creative individuals thrive by giving them the best visual content.

Financially, I want to pay off my debt in larger chunks this year. I want to donate more and be more generous with people. I want to be better at managing my money and making smarter purchases.  

Personally, this year I need more authentic relationships in my life with people who aren’t afraid to share deep truths about themselves, their dreams, and are committed to healing and being the best versions of themselves. I want to be of service to others to help them reach their fullest potential. I want to blog more and not hoard all the things I’ve been learning about life, love and healing.

If you find my words useful, I’d love for you to keep reading my stories and give me feedback about what you would like to see/read about.