Frequently asked questions

When I get a photography request, there are several common questions that people ask. I will answer some of the questions I get here, but if there is anything I missed, let me know and I will answer it. 

I'm indecisive about the location, what do you recommend?

I am a natural light photographer and I will always love photographing with the light available during the day. Although I do have a few spots in town that I'm partial to, I like to let my clients choose where they want to be photographed. I believe that it's important that people choose locations that have some significance to them, whether it's for a graduation or branding session. In the case of branding photos, you can have the session in your home, your studio, or a place where you spend most of your time doing your work. For the photos you'll see below, Emily and I decided to take a walk around my childhood neighborhood at sunset. Most of the time, amazing photos will happen when we're just having fun and focusing on making memories. 

How long does the session last?

That will depend on you. For most branding and lifestyle sessions, I would recommend anywhere between 1hr to 2hrs. The first few shots of a session are usually like the first pancake on the pan- not your best. It takes about 10-15 min for both of us to warm up and feel perfectly comfortable, and it is usually towards the end of a session where we will both be totally relaxed and we'll be able to get the best images that truly represent who you are. However, if you only need a few head shots for your Linked-In profile, that can usually be done in about 30 minutes. 


What should I wear?

I always tell all of my clients: wear something that you feel comfortable and beautiful in. When I am being photographed and my shirt is a little too tight (or too loose), my face will show how my body feels. I believe that what we wear is an extension of how we express ourselves, and while I'm happy to give recommendations if needed, I let people wear whatever they feel would best represent who they are. I personally love color and quirky outfits in other people, although most of the time you can find me wearing neutrals. For sessions that last 1hr or more, I recommend bringing an additional outfit. 


I'm not photogenic. I won't know what to do in front of the camera.

My job is for you to have the most comfortable and fun photo session. Yes, I said fun. I like to approach my sessions as little adventures that both of us will be having together. Sometimes we'll be exploring a new area of town together, or I'll be showing a spot you haven't seen before. While I will be your personal paparazzi for the day, I will also be in charge of some art direction to get the photos you are looking for. All while you have feel like a supermodel. 



I'm self-conscious about certain parts of my body.

Come as you are. I truly believe people are beautiful, and your body is a miraculous thing that does wonders. I will be sure to remind you that on the day of your session, in case you forgot. 

Have any more questions? I'll be happy to answer them.