The last two weeks were rough



A couple months ago, someone said to me: you make your life looks so perfect with your photos. I responded that it is my responsibility as an artist to find beauty even in the darkest moments. And perhaps it is the thought of that beauty that kept me afloat for the past two weeks. 

At the end of las month, things happened very quickly. My car broke down for the third time this year, I transitioned from my part time job to a full time one, and my beautiful baby nephew was born. So it’s not all bad as you can see. 

To be completely honest, I thought that from my part time job I would eventually transition to full-time creative. However, I realized that I hadn’t done enough planning and I was operating out of fear and scarcity, and that is no way to run a business, much less a life.

I like to think of my creative self as my inner child. If you have children, you know, much better than I do, that they need routines, discipline and financial and emotional support if you want your kids to thrive. Living a creative live might seem very glamorous on the outside, where it seems that everything is fun and carefree. However, as adults, if we don’t take care of our inner child and nurture it, we won't flourish creatively. 

As it turns out, I was being abusive with my inner child and I was neglecting some of the most basic things that would allow him to grow. So going back to a full time job allows me to not have to worry so much financially and gives me the freedom to create things that truly resonate with who I am, without having to create from a place of scarcity and fear. 

The other thing that added a lot of stress is my poor exhausted blue baby: my car. This year has been especially difficult for my car, and I just don't know how much more it will resist. I already have spent so much money on repairs this year that if I decide to let it go, I will have to make final restorations before it can sell. So it will be either that, or saving up for a new one.  That's where your help would come in like a breath of fresh air.

Here's how you can help:

On August 26 ad 27, I’m having a flash end-of-summer sale. For only $150, you get a 30-minute, on location session, and 5 digital images. You heard that right. I want you to walk away feeling like a super star and ready to share your beautiful images all over the internet. 

For these sessions, anything goes: family, engagement, maternity, lifestyle, etc. (*does not apply for branding and website sessions, will be opening up some spots later this fall). If you've been waiting to schedule your photo session, wait no more.


Aug 26: Barrio Viejo/ Downtown 

Aug 27: Mercado San Agustin

Book your time slot TODAY, because this a one-time sale before prices go up this fall. 

And honestly, after a difficult summer, I'm ready to create beautiful images that you will love. 

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